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Online C Form Submission

Indian FRRO and CID dept has come up with new method of filing C form. i.e form submitting information about foreigners visiting India and staying in hotel. With this new instructions every hotel and guest house has to submit online guest details through website. Within one hour of arrival in hotel along with extensive details like how many days they have planned to stay in India, reference and contact number in India, purpose of visit and photo identification etc. Etc. This had advanced challenges to front office staff as we had closely worked in front office area we know how guests are reluctant to disclose their information. They resists in term of personal security reasons. The instruction details requested by FRRO is extensive we appreciate their vision how helpful this information on their decision making authorities. But with Hotel and Guest house perspective you are literally carrying out investigation on foreigners visit and guest feel that whether he had committed offence visiting India.


Extra work and work duplication for Front Desk

Again there is extra work is loaded to front office staff that he has to scan crop save and upload each and every guest photograph to FRRO website.


Confusing Submit Buttons at Website will lead to mistakes

Also on website the buttons save and save and exit. These buttons have odd terminology which a layman will not understand and he will commit mistake which FRRO should consider and rectify or amend it. Technically it should be save, save and submit, open or something FRRO should think feasible aspect. And for Hotel and Guest house owner and staff this is duplication of work which we think FRRO and CID department will take into consideration.


How to synchronise   - a challenge 

Now challenge has arises to hotel or guest houses where nobody permits live internet access to front office staff due to various regular, security, data leakage and virus factors. And now with these new rule every hotel or guest house owner has to give internet access to staff. The main drawback with this is effeciency drop in staff. Retaining staff will be difficult because he is having acccess to job portals etc.


Pilot Project – Testing is in progress

At Hotel Sea Princess juhu Mumbai we are working up with  their online submission issues and had developed  small  solution which is working effectively. As of now we had reduced time  for each for each guest cform  submission from 20 minutes to 10 minutes and we had projected to reduce further to maximum of 5 minutes including scanning copying and uploading without direct internet access to front office desk.

For more details about our this pilot project you call EDP / IT Department at Hotel Sea Princess  or mail us. We will be happy to provide you results.


Procedure for uploading forms

Step by step procedure to use Form C system.



How to create user id and password to access Form-C system


>  To use Form-C system hotel has to register in system by filling-up online request form.

>  How to get online request form?

Visit website

Click on Sign Up link.

Fill the details in – ‘User Registration for Form C’ page as given below -

>  Individual Registration:

  1. User Id: Enter user id consisting of alpha-numeric characters only. Check its availability if not available give different user id.
  2. Password: min 8 chars, use at least one special character (/.[~!@'#$%^&*?_~-,()]+/)”),number, lowercase, uppercase letter.
  3. Confirm Password: Enter exactly same password as above.

>  Security Questions :

  1. Security Question: choose one of the security questions from options available.
  2. Your Answer: specify your secret answer to the above question and remember it.
  3. Name: Enter your full name in the provided space.
  4. Gender :Choose your gender
  5. DOB: Select date of birth using calendar icon (format dd/mm/yyyy)
  6. Designation : Mention your designation in the hotel
  7. Email Id: Enter your valid email id
  8. Mobile: Enter your mobile no.
  9. Phone No: Enter your phone no.
  10. Nationality: Select your Nationality from drop down option.

>  Hotel/Guest House / Dharmashala /Institute/ Individual House etc. Details :

  1. Name : Enter Name of the Accommodation
  2. Capacity: Number of guest it can accommodate.
  3. Address: Location of the accommodation.
  4. State : Select state as Maharashtra
  5. City/Districts: Mumbai ( This binds the accommodation under the jurisdiction of concerned    FRRO)
  6. Accommodation type: Select appropriate accommodation type.
  7. Accommodation grade: Select appropriate grade else select others.
  8. Email Id: Enter registered email id of the accommodation.
  9. Mobile: Accommodation mobile no.
  10. Phone No: Accommodation Phone No

>  Hotel/Guest House / Dharmashala /Institute/ Individual House Owner Details :

  1. Name: Full name of the owner of the accommodation.
  2. Address: Address for communication.
  3. State: Select state (not necessarily Maharashtra, an owner can belong to other state as well)
  4. City: Mention city to which owner belong.
  5. Email-id : Email Id of the owner,
  6. Phone No: Owner’s phone no.
  7. Mobile: Owner’s Mobile no.


>  Next Click on Add button to add owner , you can add multiple owner by filling details once again and clicking the same Add button

>  Type the code shown: Now enter the exact characters shown inside the screen and click on submit.

>  After Submitting the form you will get User Registration for Form C page with the following message, “User registered, kindly take the printout of the Application, right click here and choose target to save the application and take a printout”.

>  The Printout is the requisition form which should be duly signed and submitted at the address of the concerned FRRO mentioned in the printout.

>  The requisition form will be verified by FRRO against the details furnished by hotel keeper and the status of requisition as approved or rejected will be communicated by FRRO.

>  Once UserId is approved by the FRRO, the hotel keeper can sign in using the same on the website :




How to enter foreigners’ arrival details and Submission of Form C

 >  After approval of hotel keeper’s request form by FRRO office, the hotel keeper can start filling the Form C data of the foreigner in the website

>  Click on Sign In button on the screen enter the approved user-id & password.

>  After successful login hotel keeper get Menu Screen i.e. –

  1. Form C (Add/Edit/Individual Print) – To fill the data of the foreigner arrived in the hotel (refer page 3 for details)
  2. Print Form C (Bulk Print) –: To take detailed print of foreigners’ data entered during specified dates.
  3. Print Form C (Bulk Print) – subordinate -: To take detailed print of foreigners’ data entered by all or selected subordinate during specified dates.
  4. Generate Summary (Form C Feeding Date) –: To generate reports of the foreigners’ Form C Summary data entered in the hotel during specified feeding periods (i.e. daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly & yearly) based on from date & to date selection.
  5. Generate Summary – Subordinate -: To take a print of summary report of foreigners’ data during specified feeding dates and selected subordinate.
  6. Edit Own User Profile – To edit details about hotel keepers, hotel and hotel owner.
  1. Add/Edit User for Subordinate – To add/edit additional subordinate staff (if needed) under hotel keeper for filling up foreigner’s data on arrival.
  1. Change Password – Facility to manage hotel keeper’s password.
  2. Pending Temporary Saved Data –: Daily Report for hotel keeper to submit & finalize the arrival data entered by the subordinates (if any) under hotel keeper.
  3. Generate Summary (Arrival Date) –: To generate report of foreigners based on selected arrival date in the hotel.


Form C (Add/Edit/Individual Print) –

Step by step how to fill-up online form of Form C.


>  When hotel keeper click at Form C (Add/Edit/Individual Print) of the Menu, hotel keeper gets the screen as “Online Form ‘C’ ARRIVAL REPORT OF FOREIGNER IN HOTEL”.

>  On the screen hotel keeper have to fill-up information of the foreigner.

>  In the section of “Accommodation details” hotel information is populated as per the request form filled by the hotel keepers previously.

>  In the section Personal details – Given name, Sex, DOB, Age, Special category, Nationality are mandatory fields.

>  For inserting photo of the foreigner – you have to save a photo in .jpg format in your computer and size of the photo should be less than 50 KB.

>  In the section of Address in country where residing permanently -  Permanent address, city, country are mandatory fields.

>  In the section of Address / Reference in India -  Address / Reference in India, State, city/district and Pin code are mandatory fields.

>  In the section of Passport details – foreigners Passport number, place of issue, date of issue and passport valid date are mandatory fields.

>  In the section of Visa details – foreigners Visa number, place of issue, date of issue and Visa  valid date, Type of visa are mandatory fields.

>  In the section of Arrival Information – Arrived from Country, Arrived from City, Arrived from Place, Date of Arrival in India, Date of Arrival in Hotel, Time of Arrival in Hotel, Intended duration of stay in Hotel are mandatory fields.

>  In the section of other details – Whether employed in India, Purpose of Visit and Next Destination of the foreigner are mandatory fields.

>  After filling-up above mentioned details of the foreigner –

>  Your information will be saved if you click Save and Continue button to submit the form.

>  Partial information will be saved, if you click Save and Exit button, you can continue entering the remaining information later using the Application ID which will generated on the screen.

Important Note - 

>  If you click Save and continue button, the form will be submitted and no further changes can be made.

>  If you click Logout without doing Save and Continue or Save and Exit, your information will be lost.

>  The data of the foreigners filled by the subordinate should be finalized by the Hotel keeper.



Add/Edit User for Subordinate -

Further creation of user by hotel keeper


>  Add/Edit User for Subordinate : A Hotel keeper can further create users using this link

>  Click on ADD USER fill following details :

  1.       User Id
  2.       Password
  3.       User Name
  4.       Gender
  5.       User Designation
  6.       User email
  7.       User Phone
  8.       Nationality
  9.       User Status

All fields are mandatory.

Now, click on Submit button, ‘A New User Created’ message is displayed on the screen.


Online C form procedureonline cform

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